Tempesst - Prisoner of Desire LP | Limited Edition 12" White Vinyl

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'Prisoner of Desire' is Tempesst new album out now!

Prisoner of Desire’, is a bold step forward from their 2020 debut ‘Must Be A Dream’, shedding their skin for a fully-fledged, widescreen sound to begin an exciting evolution for the group. Recalling the work of artists like Leonard Cohen, The National, Richard Hawley and Scott Walker, the new album is a candid meditation on love. It explores the challenges that come with retaining a sense of self in a relationship, while balancing that alongside the desire to give yourself over to another person entirely. It looks at modern love in the digital age and where long-term relationships are viewed within this landscape.

  • 180g vinyl
  • Limited edition white vinyl 


'Prisoner of Desire' - Track list 

  1. Prisoner of Desire
  2. She Knows How to Get What She Wants
  3. Rags of Love
  4. Stranger to You Now
  5. Darkness (Into the Light)
  6. True Loves in Decline
  7. Sunset at Maria's (Part I)
  8. Sunset at Maria's (Part II)
  9. Pop
  10. Some People Never Change
  11. The Other Life