Halloweens - Opera Singing At The Salsa Bar LP | Limited Edition 12" Blue Vinyl (Pre-Order)

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'Opera Singing At The Salsa Bar' is Halloweens latest album released on May 17th 2024. 

Love is complicated. It’s addictive, it’s confounding, it’s euphoric and it’s disappointing. It’s the subject of the second album by Halloweens, Opera Singing at the Salsa Bar. That’s no surprise really, because Halloweens – Justin Young and Timothy Lanham – are also half of the Vaccines, and skewering his own romantic obsessions and failures has been Justin’s subject for most of the Vaccines’ career.

  • 150g colour vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • First 100 copies signed by the band

Track Listing:

1. ‘What Did I Do To Love?’
2. ‘Colombia Record’
3. ‘Diamond Jr’
4. ‘Mrs Us’
5. ‘All of the Answers in the World
6. ‘Hymn With No Choir ft. Art Feinman
7. ‘Prophets of Nostalgia’
8. ‘Star Wars On The Saxophone’
9. ‘Hiro’
10. ‘Convert'
11. ‘Flake Out'